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Chest Lock

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Chest Lock is a plug-in that is available for 1199 credits. You can find and purchase Chest Lock in the Premium Features section of the app. You have to enable this plug-in after purchasing before it has any effect on your server.

What does it do

This Chest Lock allows you to secure chest contents from other players.

How does it work

You need to configure Chest Lock using the commands below before it has any effect on your server.

By default only Operators will be able to use commands associated with this plug-in.

Plug-in commands

Name Command Description
Chest Lock plug-in commands /pg View all commands associated with Chest Lock
Check other player /killstats playername Player sees other player's PVP statistics
Check top PVP stats /killrate top Player can view the best PVP players


Will be appreciated by your players in most multiplayer servers. Other players will not be able to steal their items and they don't have to keep carrying items in their inventory.

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