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Console is a plug-in that is available for 3299 credits. You can find and purchase Console in the Premium Features section of the app. This plug-in will be automatically enabled after purchase and provides you the password for your server's RCON console.

What does it do

The Console plug-in allows you to access the Minecraft PE console through a third party application. This allows you to use a lot of commands and settings that you would not have or that can only be used inside the MCPE Server Maker app, such as giving players Operator status, view players online, ban/unban players and much more through a different application, such as a web app or mobile app.

For Android, we recommend MConsole. Currently there is no free MCPE console application for iOS users. MConsole supports a number of easy-button features, including the current online player list, ban any player from the online list, control weather, time and light, and the current difficulty. You can also broadcast messages to the server that will show up as a console broadcasted message.

How does it work

This plug-in is solely based on granting access to additional commands inside the MCPE console application. The commands available depend on the detail of the application. After purchasing the plug-in it will be automatically enabled and the plug-in page will display your server's IP adress (your RCON username), your server's port and your console password. These are all important to be able to access the console in whichever application you choose to use. Make sure you keep your RCON password secure, as anyone with information would be able to access important admin commands and potentially ruin your server.

Any RCON console application will allow you to enter commands directly in the console, that will then be executed by the server. Commands entered into the console can be any command that is currently available to your server, including any commands associated with installed and enabled plug-ins. Commands that require a character to execute, such as warping and spawning items into your inventory, will not work, as the console is not a player currently active in the server. You need to be online to execute those commands. Commands that affect other players, like spawning an item into the inventory of an online player, will work however.


Great to manage bigger servers from a distance with a more fluent way of control through a different application than limited to the MCPE application and ingame plug-ins. May also be much more intuitive to control and type, especially when used with a desktop application and a regular keyboard instead of a touchpad or phone.

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