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Credits is a currency used in MCPE Server Maker to exchange for several plug-ins and to pay for your server. Credits are a way for us to support the server structure and pay for your servers, while keeping the app cheap and without ads.

Credits can be collected for free, by pressing the Earn credits for free option in MCPE Server maker, or you can purchase some credits from the Buy credits page. If you purchase more credits in one bundle, you get the most free extra credits with it, and credit bundles are available from less than 1 euro for 250 credits! Or, if you'd rather not spend some money, earn some credits for free by watching videos or by installing and trying out some apps. Especially recommended if you don't need a lot of credits to host a small server for you and your friends.

A small server only costs 10 credits per day, and every new user gets 70 free credits to try out their server for a week.

Another way to get credits is by asking your players to donate some credits to your server, with the Send Credits for PlayMC.PE app. Visit the Donating page for more details.

Credits cannot be exchanged once purchased, donated or earned, unless spent on a server or plug-in.

Credit bundles

Credits Cost in Euro You save
250 Credits 0,97 Not available
1500 Credits 4,36 You save € 1,46 !
5.000 Credits 14,46 You save € 4,94 !
10.000 Credits 22,06 You save € 16,74 !
25,000 Credits 49,61 You save € 47,39 !
70,000 Credits 127,05 You save € 144,55 !
125,000 Credits 205,70 You save € 279,30 !

Get Credits for free

Credits can also be gained for free. Besides the 70 credits every new user receives when registering their MCPE Server Maker account, you can also gain extra credits for free by tapping the 'Earn credits for free' button on top of your app. You will then be redirected to a task list, where you can do various types of tasks which, when you complete them, add extra credits to your account without having to purchase them!

You can choose from the following type of things to earn you free credits:

You can:

  • Complete a task to earn credits, this is the Tapjoy task list that can be viewed below
  • Watch videos for credits, you get 1 credit per video watched.
  • Like the MCPE Server Maker Facebook page for 5 free credits. Make sure you do this from within the MCPE Server Maker app to get the credits.
  • Follow the MCPE Server Maker twitter profile for 5 free credits. Make sure you do this from within the MCPE Server Maker app to get the credits.
  • Subscribe to the Youtube channel for 5 free credits. Make sure you do this from within the MCPE Server Maker app to get the credits.
  • Register to the MCPE Server Maker as forum user for 5 free credits. Make sure you do this from within the MCPE Server Maker app to get the credits.

Our 4 media and news platforms mentioned above also regularily give status updates, and often also notify you if MCPE Server Maker is giving out any free credits to every user! But note: MCPE Server Maker does not give free credits to users individually.

Tasks for free credits

A task list made by Tapjoy can consists of the following type of tasks, that are all free to complete. Some of the apps offered by this list may have in-app purchases, but these are not required to complete your task. Make sure that you did all the actions required for the task and then check if your credits are added. If not, then wait a couple moment as it may take a bit before credits are added to your account.

Watch a video
By watching an advertisement you can earn a small amount of credits. Simply watch the video and then view the task list to see it completed and receive the credits for the task! You cannot skip the video and you can view your progress during the video.
Download an app and run it
By tapping this button you install an app, if you run it once aswell the task will be completed and the credits will be added to your account. You don't need to keep the app on your device afterwards. Earns you a moderate amount of credits.
Download an app and run it for a longer period of time (such as 10 minutes)
If you choose for this option you will install an app, you have to actively run it for the time period before the task will be registered as completed. You usually gain a moderate to a large amount of credits for this.
Download an app and complete action(s)
By tapping this button you install an app and you need to achieve or do the listed action for the task list to register it as completed. You can get a moderate to a large amount of credits for this task, depending on what action(s) you have to do.

Alternatives for free credits

Don't want to do stuff or pay to get credits? There is another way to gain credits, by asking your users to jump in to keep their favourite server big or make it even bigger. Your users can give you credits they can earn for free using the task list mentioned above in the Send Credits for PlayMC.PE application. This application is available for free in both in the Play store and the iTunes store. Your users do not need to register an account, pay anything or install the MCPE Server Maker app to send you credits.

When additional people help getting credits you can gain a lot more credits for your server than spending all that work alone on free credits or spending more money on credits! Read all about the donating app here.

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