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Custom Commands

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Custom Commands is a plug-in that is available for 1949 credits. You can find and purchase Custom Commands in the Premium Features section of the app. You have to enable this plug-in after purchasing before it has any effect on your server.

What does it do

The Custom Commands plug-in allows you to customize and combine any command that is available on your server. For example, you can quick-setup minigames, specific rewards and chests by using only one custom command. You can add as many commands to a custom command as you like, they will all execute when you use the custom command, with the prefix / before the custom command name.

How does it work

You have to enable this plug-in after purchasing before it has any effect on your server. You need to use the commands below for the plug-in to have any effect. Only Operators are able to create Custom Commands. You can run a custom command by typing the custom command name, after the prefix /.


Name Command Description
Plug-in help /customcommands Shows how to use this plug-in
Create custom command /customcommands create customcommandname Create the command called customcommandname
Add command /customcommands addcmd customcommandname commandID command Add command to customcommandname. You do not need to include the slash for the command line, and commands with multiple arguments and spaces can be used. A commandID can be any number and is used to easily remove that command from the custom command.
Remove command /customcommands removecmd commandID Remove command from customcommandname
Remove custom command /customcommands rf customcommandname Remove the custom command called customcommandname


Useful to turn complicated commands that you use multiple times into a one-line or maybe even one word sentence!

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