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Custom Ranks

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Custom Ranks is a plug-in that can be enabled for 5 credits per day.

What does it do

The Custom Ranks plug-in allows you to enable the Modify Ranks plug-in. You can turn this plug-in off if you do not want to use custom ranks on your server right now.

How does it work

You have to enable this plug-in before you can use it on your server. Keep in mind that you do not purchase this plug-in, it will drain your credit count by 5 per day instead when enabled. You need to purchase the Modify Ranks plug-in to be able to make use of custom ranks.


You can further customize this plug-in with the Modify Ranks plug-in! This can also be used to assign permissions to groups on your server, such as creating moderators or VIP player groups that have access to special commands.

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