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Donating is a service where players can donate credits to your server, so you can use these credits for keeping your server up or purchase new plug-ins. Players can donate through the Send Credits for PlayMC.PE app, that can be installed for both Android and iOS devices. By asking your players to donate to help your server you can reduce the need to purchase or earn more credits yourself.

By default there is a broadcast message enabled for your server that reminds your players that they can give you credits. You can disable this in your Server Settings if desired.

How it works

Your users only have to install the Send Credits for PlayMC.PE application and then they can complete tasks in the same fashion as free credits can be earned within the MCPE Server Maker app. Donators through this way do not need to purchase anything, don't need to register an account and there's no need to install the MCPE Server Maker app itself to donate credits to a server. Users only need their own MCPE account name and the IP/adress of the server they want to send the credits to.

Fill in your name, and the server you'd like to send the credits to, and start earning credits! After completing tasks, the credits will be automatically sent to the server. You can view your recent activity in the main page of the application. It may take a while before previous actions start showing up here, and it may take a while before the server owner will see your credits appearing.

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