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Jail is a plug-in that is available for 1499 credits. You can find and purchase Jail in the Premium Features section of the app. You have to enable this plug-in after purchasing before it has any effect on your server.

What does it do

The Jail plug-in allows Operators to put players in a time-out area: they have to spend a certain time there before they will be free to join your server activities again. The default jail time is 1 hour, in which the player will be placed into a surrounded area with their inventory cleared. If they try to escape by breaking blocks or typing commands they will be punished with an extra 15 minutes per try. After the jail their inventory will be restored and players will be teleported to your server spawn. Jailed players are unable to connect to your server with a different account on the same device, they have to sit out the jail time on their account.

Players on your server will be able to vote a player to jail by voting 3 times on the same playername. A player can only vote once every 20 minutes for jail.

If you have Economy enabled for your server, a player can pay a bail of 100 gold per minute they have left on their jailtime to escape the jail earlier.

How does it work

You do not need to edit any settings for the Jail plug-in. You can use the commands below to make use of the plug-in. To set up this plug-in you need to create a jail first, with the /setjail command. Only 3 players can be in a jail simutaneously, but you can create multiple jails. Players will not be able to harm each other while jailed.

If Economy is enabled for your server Operators may also create signs in jail with [Bail] written on the first line. Prisoners can tap the sign to pay bail and escape the jail, for a cash sum of 100 gold per minute of jailtime remaining. Players may also use the /bail command to pay.


Name Command Description Rights
List of available jail commands /jail help Informs you about all the possible commands associated with this plug-in Only Operators
Create a jail /setjail jailname Create a jail at your current position with the name jailname Only Operators
Delete a jail /deljail jailname Delete jail called jailname Only Operators
Jail a player /jail playername Send playername to a random available jail for 60 minutes. Only Operators
Remove player from jail /unjail playername Remove playername from jail Only Operators
List of jailed players /jailed Displays a list of all players currently in a jail Only Operators
Vote for jail /votejail playername Vote for playername to be jailed. Playername will be jailed if 3 different players vote for playername within 20 minutes. All players
Bail /bail Pay bail if you are jailed. It costs 100 gold per minute you need to stay in the jail. This command is disabled if Economy is not enabled All players
Teleport to jail /jailtp jailname Teleport to jailname Only Operators
Transfer prisoner /switchjail playername jailname Transfer playername to the other jail called jailname. Will only work if playername is already in a jail and if the new jail is not the same as the current jail. Only Operators
Transfer all prisoners /jailswitchall oldjailname newjailname Transfer all players from oldjailname to newjailname Only Operators
Clear jail /jailclear jailname Clear a jail of all current prisoners. Prisoners will be released. Only Operators
Jail configuration help /jailconfig help Shows you how to configure a jail Only Operators
Set prison teleport position /jailconfig telepoint jailname Set the teleport position of jailname to your position. Prisoners will be teleported here Only Operators
Set release teleport position /jailconfig releasepoint jailname Set the release teleport position of jailname to your position Only Operators
Mute prisoners in jail /jailconfig muted jailname Players will be unable to chat in that jail Only Operators
List prisoners in jail /jailconfig prisoners jailname List all current prisoners in that jail Only Operators
Set jail protection area corner 1 /jailconfig protect p1 Define the first corner of your jail. Blocks will be protected from damage within that rectangular area Only Operators
Set jail protection area corner 2 /jailconfig protect p2 Define the second corner of your jail. Blocks will be protected from damage within that rectangular area Only Operators
Prisoner configuration help /prisonerconfig help Shows you how to configure a prisoner status Only Operators
Change prisoner jail time /prisonerconfig time playername minutes Change the jail time of playername to the amount of minutes you choose. It cannot be over 999 minutes. Only Operators
Change prisoner jail reason /prisonerconfig reason playername reason Change the jail reason of playername Only Operators


Useful when you'd like to punish unruly players but you don't want to kick them from your server. Want to customize your jail more? Use Custom Commands in combination with prisoner configuration commands to jail players with a custom timer.

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