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With the MCPE Server Maker app you can create your very own Multi-player server for Minecraft Pocket Edition! Join your friends into an unlimited and free-to-play experience and play together in the Minecraft universe. The MCPE Server Maker app also allows a lot of easy to install and use plug-ins that make your server more fun and detailed. If you are still having trouble with using plug-ins or you'd like to know the fine details of everything, look it up on this Wiki.

Create your own MCPE Server

All you need to do to create your own server is install the app, register an account with MCPE Server Maker, Google or Facebook and your server is already running! You can open your server straight from the app, and you can let your friends join by sharing your server. By tapping the button next to the friends tab your friends can enter your server information and join. Players don't even need to install Server Maker!

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Have a question about how the app works or about your server? Find it here!
Server examples
How do you set up a specific kind of server? Find your server here!

Server Settings

Details about the server settings in MCPE Server Maker can be found here.


A page on credits and how to gain and use them


How to gain credits for your server by asking your players to donate a small amount.

Optional Features

A list of all features and plug-ins that can be used in MCPE Server Maker that provide extra settings on top of your standard server settings.

Premium Features

A list of all premium features and plug-ins that can be used in MCPE Server Maker to add extra fun and activities to your server.

All Features

A list of all features and plug-ins that can be used in MCPE Server Maker to enhance your server.


Details about the Support section in MCPE Server Maker can be found here.


Having troubles with your server? Find your fix here


Plug-ins can be added to your MCPE Server Maker app and your server to enhance your server settings and provide extra possibilities. Visit a full list of features here. Below you can see a list of features that are sorted by function.

World plug-ins

World plug-ins enhance your MCPE server world, by making it more elaborated with things such as extra items, blocks and mobs and extra tools to modify your world.

Multiplayer plug-ins

With a Multiplayer plug-in you can offer players on your server a multiplayer system to interact with each other.

Social plug-ins

Social plug-ins add various status updates and systems to let players know each other and socialize.

Fun plug-ins

Fun plug-ins add a bonus fun factor to your server and offer various role-playing opportunities.

Professional Services

With a Professional service plug-in you can enable options to operate a server for bigger audiences.

Security and Management plug-ins

Security plug-ins protect your server from unwanted actions and players, and help you manage your server.

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Newest additions to MCPE Server Maker!

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