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Minecraft Pocket Edition

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Minecraft Pocket Edition is the mobile game where you can use our MCPE Server Maker app to create your own multiplayer servers. You need this mobile application to make use of our multiplayer servers, our app does not provide you with the game.

To log into a MCPE Server, you need to obtain the server adress and the port number. You can get these from the main page Server Settings in the MCPE Server Maker app. Server owners can simply tap the Open Server in Minecraft button to automatically add the adress and port to their friendlist.

To manually add a server to your list, go to the 'Friends' tab in Minecraft PE, and then click the small icon next to 'Add friend'. Fill in the adress and the port and then your server will appear under your friend list. Tap the server to join it. Make sure your Minecraft PE version is the same as the MCPE Version mentioned in the MCPE Server Maker app!

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