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Modify Ranks

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Modify Ranks is a plug-in that is available for 1699 credits. You can find and purchase Modify Ranks in the Premium Features section of the app. You have to enable both Custom Ranks (5 credits per day) and Modify Ranks after purchasing before it has any effect on your server.

What does it do

The Modify Ranks plug-in allows you to customize titles and groups, including permissions, assigned to your players and assigned by default to your server. You can change any command that would otherwise only be available to Operators with this plug-in to be available to players aswell. Modify Ranks also allows you to create displaynames for your ranks/groups that use Color codes

How does it work

You have to enable this plug-in before it has any effect on your server. Keep in mind that you do not only purchase this plug-in, it will also drain your credit count by 5 per day instead when enabled because Custom Ranks needs to be enabled for it to work. You need to use the commands below for the plug-in to have any effect, and you can only use these as an Operator.


Name Command Description
Information about permissions /ppinfo Displays information about managing permissions
List all current groups /groups Lists all currently active groups on your server
Lists group information /grpinfo groupname Lists all information about groupname, including parent groups
Lists group permissions /listgperms groupname page Lists all permissions on groupname. If page is left blank, it will display the first page.
Lists user permissions /listuperms playername page Lists all permissions set for playername. If page is left blank, it will display the first page.
List user information /usrinfo playername Provides information about playername, such as online status, their assigned group(s), their IP and unique user id.
List plugin permissions /fperms Finds the permissions for a certain plug-in.
Add new group /addgroup groupname Adds new group with the name groupname to the server.
Set default group /defgroup groupname Set the group that new players will join by default when joining this world.
Add player to group /setgroup playername groupname Adds the group to the player.
Add child group to parentgroup /addparent childgroup parentgroup Adds a group to inherit another group. The child group will copy all the default permissions that the parent group also has, but if permissions are individually determined for the child, then the child will keep those permissions for itself only.
Remove a group /rmgroup groupname Remove group and all the permissions associated with it.
Remove parentgroup from child /rmparent childgroup parentgroup Remove parent group from child group.
Set alias name for group /setalias groupname alias Set a different display name for a group without changing the groupname that is used in commands. Display names are case-sensitive and support Color codes.
Set permission for group /setgperm groupname permission value Set a permission value for a group. See the list of permissions and values below.
Remove permission for group /unsetgperm groupname permission Remove a permission for a group, setting it back to the default value. See the list of permissions and values below.
Set user permission /setuperm playername permission value Set a permission value specific to playername. See the list of permissions and values below.
Remove permission for user /unsetuperm playername permission Remove a permission for playername, setting it back to the default value. See the list of permissions and values below.
Reload permissions /ppreload Reloads and updates all groups and their permissions.

Multi World commands

The MCPE Server Maker permissions system currently does not enable permissions to be set individually per world while using the Multi World setting.

List of permissions and available arguments

A permission defines what an user in a group can or cannot do. Permissions always have a default value, that can be individually changed per group. A value determines the setting of the permission, if it's allowed (use the value true), not allowed (use the value false) or in what kind of way a permission is allowed for that group or world.

You can find a list of permissions for a certain plug-in by using the command /fperms plugin where plugin is the name of the plugin of which you want to change permissions for. For example, if you have the plug-in Economy enabled and you want players to be able to create their own shops, you type /fperms economy and find the permission that can allow players to also create shop signs, which is by default only allowed for Operators. You can only find permissions of a plug-in that is enabled for your server, and if the plug-in is disabled for your server the permission setting will become useless.


This plug-in can also be used to edit advanced groups, such as assigning various permissions to the different groups on your server, such as creating moderators or privileged player groups that have access to special commands.

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