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Multi World

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Multi World is a plug-in that allows you to attach more worlds to your server, this adds 20 credits per day per world. This setting allows a total of 8 worlds. If you wish to have multiple types of worlds on your server, for example with different gamemodes and such, you should try this out.

Plug-ins such as Skywars require one available Multi World to be able to use that plug-in.

What does it do

Add extra worlds to your server that can contain different settings and gamemodes. Players can join and leave worlds individually without having to leave your server.

How does it work

By default you have 1 world for your server. In the Multi World settings you can manually add extra worlds at an increased cost of credits per day. You need to use the commands below before you can make use of the extra worlds (configure the basic settings of the new worlds). Only Operators are able to configure the plugin Multi World using commands.

World Cost per day
1 World 0 credits
2 Worlds 20 credits
3 Worlds 30 credits
4 Worlds 40 credits
5 Worlds 50 credits
6 Worlds 60 credits
7 Worlds 70 credits
8 Worlds 80 credits


Name Command Description
Multi World command list /mw help Informs you about all the commands associated with Multi World
Teleport to world /mw tp (player) worldname Teleport to worldname. If player is specified, that player will be teleported.
Create world /mw create worldname type Create a world if a slot is available, with type flat or type normal. If no slots are available, add extra world slots from the MCPE app Only Operators
Set default world /mw default worldname Set the world that new players will log into
Delete world /mw delete worldname Deletes the world and empties the world slot. This process is irreversible.
Load worlds /mw load worldname Loads world specified. Replace the worldname with all to load all new worlds
Unload worlds /mw unload worldname Unloads world specified. Replace the worldname with all to unload all new worlds
World information /mw ls worldname Lists information about the specified world, or a list with all worlds if no world is specified


Great for bigger servers to offer more activities without having to add extra servers. Required for Skywars.

If you'd like to offer players the possibility to teleport themselves to different worlds, you can use the permissions plug-in Modify Ranks to give them the permission to use the /mw tp worldname command. You can also use the Airport functionality in the Economy plug-in to easily set up warps to other worlds.

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