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PVP Arena

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PVP Arena is a plug-in that is available for 1799 credits. You can find and purchase PVP Arena in the Premium Features section of the app. You have to enable this plug-in after purchasing before it has any effect on your server.

What does it do

With this PVP Arena players on your server will be able to challenge each other in dedicated PVP zones. Players can tap a 1vs1 sign or type /match to join the 1 vs 1 pvp queue. Once a pvp arena is available the next two players in the queue will be teleported there to fight each other with a basic set of items and fully restored status. If a player leaves or dies during the match, the other player will be declared winner. After a winner has been declared or after 3 minutes have passed, both players will be teleported back to the spawn area of your server.

How does it work

You can utilize the commands for PVP Arena ingame to create an area dedicated for duelling. To create a 1 vs 1 sign you simply place a sign and write 1vs1 on the first line. It will then display the status of the pvp queue and the amount of available pvp arenas.

Plug-in commands

Name Command Description Rights
Create a pvp arena /refarena Defines the zone around you to be a pvp arena with a 5 block radius. 2 players that join a match will be teleported 5 blocks from that position, facing each other. Only Operators
Delete a pvp arena /delarea Delete a PVP arena. You have to be standing inside the arena you want to delete. Only Operators
Join a pvp 1vs1 match /match You will join the 1 vs 1 pvp queue. Once a spot is available you will be teleported into the next available pvp arena to fight your opponent. All players

Watch how it works


Great to create instant multiplayer PVP fun!

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