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Player Kits

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Player Kits is a plug-in that is available for 1799 credits. You can find and purchase Player Kits in the Premium Features section of the app. You have to enable this plug-in after purchasing before it has any effect on your server.

What does it do

You can place items together in one bundle (a kit) that can be given to players

How does it work

You can use commands ingame to assemble and give kits to your players. Only Operators can manage player kits. Player kits can only be created in Survival mode.

Instead of using commands to claim kits, an Operator can also create a sign that players can then tap to claim a kit. To create a kit sign, you put kit on the first line, followed by the kit name on the second line and the price on the third line. You can leave the price blank if you do not have Economy enabled or if you'd like the kit to be free. The kit name has to be created by using the /kit create name command:

Plug-in commands

Name Command Description Rights
View Player Kits information /kit help Informs you about the commands used for Player Kits All players
View available kits /kit Shows you a list of all available kits. All players
Create a player kit /kit create name price Create a kit with a name and the price with the items currently in your inventory. Price can be blank to make the kit free Only Operators
Delete a player kit /kit delete name Delete kit by name Only Operators
Buy a player kit /kit name Get a kit name if you have enough money in your balance (if Economy is enabled on the server) All players

Watch how it works


Great to reward your players after they completed a certain job, or when you'd like to create PVP fights! For example, use the plug-ins Economy, PVP, PVP Arena and Tap To Do in combination with Player Kits, but many other plug-ins can be used. A must-have plug-in for keeping your players around and giving them quick opportunities to enjoy playing.

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