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Server Settings

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At Server and Server Settings you can see information and standard settings for your MCPE server. This page will tell you what each chapter means and in what ways you can use it.

Server and Server Information

The first you will see when opening the app is the Server information chapter. Here you will find basic information about your server, important to keeping it online and distributing it to your players.

Server Status
The Server Status button tells you if your server is available. If your server is available and players can log into it, it will say it is online. Your server will be 'sleeping' if no player has logged on for a while. You can easily wake up your server by pressing the Server Status button. You cannot turn your server off, it will only go offline if you have no more credits to support it.
The IP/Adress button tells you the IP adress that your players can use to log into your server inside Minecraft PE. Tap the button to copy the adress to your clipboard. You can then paste it to your friends so they know your server adress. By default the adress is randomly generated letters followed by, the adress that is used for the MCPE Server Maker app. You can change the randomly assigned letters wih the plug-in Change Server IP for a small fee.
The Port button tells you the port number of your server. You can tap the button to copy the port number to your clipboard. You can then paste it to your friends so they know your port number. The port number cannot be changed and may be different from the default port in the Minecraft PE app.
MCPE Version
The MCPE Version button determines the game version of your server. By default this is the most recent version of MCPE. Players can only sign into your server if their MCPE version is the same as your server version. You can switch to older versions if you would like to play on an older version of Minecraft PE.
Refer A Friend
Tell your friends about the MCPE Server Maker app by using the Refer A Friend button. You will have an unique referral code that you can give to your friends. If your friends register an account with MCPE using your referral code you will receive a fifth of all the credits they purchase for free!
View Recent Donations/Referrals
This button will inform you of any outsource extra credits you received, whether through our Donating app or as a referral reward.
Share Your Server
By tapping the Share Your Server button you can share all the information to connect to your MCPE server to various installed social apps and networks.

Server Settings

Server Name
With this setting you can change the name of your server. This is displayed to your players when your server is saved in MCPE. You can change it here for free. By default this says Server created By
With the OPs/Admins button you can change the Operators on your server. Operators can execute all administrating commands in MCPE and are very important for the stability of the server. Be careful who you assign the Operator ranks to, as
With the Gamemode setting you can change the gamemode on your server. By default this is Survival: standard MCPE gameplay. You can change it to Creative, Adventure or Spectator mode.
Map Type
With the Map type setting you can change the maptype on your server. By default this is Standard, but you can also set it to flat, ideal if you'd like to create something with Creative mode. If you change your Map type, it will reset your current map, and your player data!
Server Language
You can change your Server Language here. By default this is English, but MCPE Server Maker supports a lot of other languages. This does not translate any added plug-ins or features.
The MOTD, short for Message of the day, is a message displayed under your Server Name at the Server list in the Minecraft PE app. You can show your players any message you'd like by editing this setting. You can also use Color codes! By default this is Server created By
Donate Message
The Donate Message setting reminds players they can donate credits to your server using the Send Credits for PlayMC.PE app to help keep it online, so you as server owner have to spend less credits on maintaining it. By default this is enabled, but you can turn it off.

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