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You can unlock Skywars for 2499 credits. It can be found in the Premium Features section of the app. You have to enable this plug-in after unlocking to make it work for your MCPE server.

What does it do

With this plug-in you can create and customize your very own Skywars minigames on your MCPE Server. Your players will be able to play this awesome minigame and be rewarded after every round.

How does it work

You have to enable this plug-in after purchasing before it has any effect on your server. You need to have a free world available to create a Skywars world, these can be added by using the Multi World plug-in. You need to use the commands below for the plug-in Skywars to have any effect.

To create a Skywars arena for your server you can use the /swa quickstart to get started. Skywars arena maps are built-in in this plug-in and can be selected from the map list. Skywars selects one Multi world for players to be teleported to when the game starts.

Operators can create signs for their players to join a skywars game in any world except the Skywars world. To create a sign for players to join a Skywars game you need to write skywars on the first line, and [arena] with arena being your Skywars arena name on the second line. The sign does not necessarily have to be at the lobby position, but it cannot be in the same world as the Skywars world.

Players can leave a Skywars game at any time with any command that exits the arena or world, such as warps. After completing a Skywars game all players will be teleported to the lobby and get a free random item reward. Rewards can be changed with the commands below.


Name Command Description Rights
Show available games /sw list Show a list of all available Skywars arenas. You can then use the names of these arenas to join that arena directly All players
Join game /sw join arena Join a skywars game called 'arena' All players
Skywars quick set-up /swa quickstart map arena Quickly set up a Skywars world called 'arena' by using the default maps. Operators only
Skywars default maps /swa quickstart listmaps List all default maps available to create Skywars arenas. Operators only
Set lobby spawn /swa lobbyspawn arena Set the arena's lobby spawn to your current location in a world that is not a Skywars world. If no lobby spawn is set, the location where you created the arena will be the lobby spawn. Players will be teleported here after the game. Operators only
Delete arena /swa deletearena arena Delete the Skywars arena 'arena'. Operators only
Add reward command /swa addrewardcmd arena commandname command Add a command with the name 'commandname' to the arena. This command will execute when a game is over. If no command is set, 1 random item will be rewarded. Operators only
Delete reward command /swa arena commandname Delete 'commandname' from the defined arena Operators only
List reward commands /swa listrewardcmd arena List all the command names found for the arena Operators only
Set game time /swa setgametime arena seconds Set the play time in seconds for the Skywars arena to end the game Operators only
Set wait time /swa setwaittime arena seconds Set the time in seconds before a Skywars game starts for this arena Operators only


Absolutely a must-have for any multiplayer server! Provides a fun activity for your players.

Have a question about the plug-in Skywars? Ask it on the forums here!

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