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At Support you can see useful services for your MCPE server in case something went wrong or when you'd like to change or reset something. This page will tell you what each chapter means and in what ways you can use it. You can find Support all the way down at the main page in the MCPE Server Maker app, below Features.

Server Rollback
If your server is broken or you are having a similar issue, restore your server back to a previous moment where it was still working again. Keep in mind this should only be used as a last resort, as restoring older moments of your server may break aswell.
Repair Server
This option will reset all player data on your server, so all the progress of your players, such as items, XP and money. This will not reset your map. This option cannot be reverted once executed.
Reboot Server
Restarts your server. If you're having issues with your server or if you cannot log in to it for a longer time, try this. This setting does not delete any of your data, but it will take a while before your server is online again.
Reset Map
Resets your current world to a default generated world. If you choose this option you will lose all your map data! You can still restore your old map through Server Rollback, but this process may also break.
Reset Player Password
Enter the username of the player to reset the password for your server.
Unban Player
With this feature you can unban players or IPs you banned in-game without having to log into your server. You can get your IP adress by visiting your server's adress followed by /ip
Open Community Forum
Visit the forum if you are stuck on an issue or you'd like opinions on setting up something. The forum is also a place for Server owners to hang out and show each other their servers.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Displays a page with common questions asked by our users.
Get Help/Contact Us
Can't figure it out after everything you tried? Try contacting us through e-mail, Facebook messenger or tweet us. MCPE Server Maker does not give users any credits for any reason.

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