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Common problems can be found here. If you cannot solve your problem, please contact the MCPE Server Maker support. This page only handles technical issues, if you have another question, please try the FAQ section.

My server is very slow, every thing I do takes ages to work
Your server is probably lagging a lot. Are you playing with one or more of the following plug-ins: World Edit, Redstone, Nether, Mobs, Weather or Unban Items? Try turning them off to see if it improves.
My server is sleeping and won't wake up
Please allow up to 10 minutes for your server to wake up. If the problem persists, check your credit count.
I cannot connect to my server, it says 'Invalid name' when I try to.
Minecraft PE Server Maker does not support Xbox live logins. Try to go back to the MCPE homepage and visit the options to sign out of your Xbox live account. Then make sure your game name does not contain any additional spaces or symbols.
I cannot connect to my server but it is online according to MCPE Server Maker.
Try restarting your Minecraft PE app. If you recently made changes to your server, allow a few minutes for it to apply. It may also be possible that you are trying to connect with a different version of Minecraft PE than your server version. You can change this at the MCPE version setting in your server app.

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