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VIP Slots

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VIP Slots is a plug-in that is available for 1999 credits. You can find and purchase VIP Slots in the Premium Features section of the app. You have to enable this plug-in after purchasing before it has any effect on your server.

What does it do

This VIP Slots allows you to add some player names as VIP. VIP players are privileged players who will always be able to join your server, even if all player slots on your server are full!

How does it work

You can then add player names to the VIP list by typing the command /addvip playername. You can add a maximum of 5 VIP players to your server.

Plug-in commands

Name Command Description
Add VIP player /addvip playername Adds 'playername' to the VIP list
View VIP players /listvip Shows you all the current VIP players added to your server
Delete VIP player /delvip playername Deletes 'playername' from the VIP list

Watch how it works


Great to enable your best friends to always log in, or to reward donating players! If you plan on having your server up for a long time this feature will be a great alternative to raising your Maximum Players Online count.

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