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Vote Rewards

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Vote Rewards is a plug-in that is available for free. You can find and get Vote Rewards in the Premium Features section of the app. You have to enable this plug-in first before you can use it.

What does it do

The Vote Rewards plug-in allows you to allow players to easily vote for your server on a toplist, and get rewards for doing so!

When a player votes for you, it will let everyone else know online that he voted. Every player will receive 5 Diamonds, 3 Iron ingots and 5 Steaks standard when they vote.

How does it work

You have to enable this plug-in after purchasing before it has any effect on your server. Vote Rewards is an advanced plug-in to use, and may be difficult to apply to your server.

To use Vote Reward you first need to obtain an API key from the toplist you'd like to get votes for. Currently MCPE Server Maker only supports the toplist
You can then use the commands below to create your vote rewards for your server.


Name Command Description Rights
Vote for your toplist /vote By writing this command you or any other player who uses it will vote for your toplist All players
Add vote API key /votesetting api-key key Configure the vote plugin by adding your API key obtained from the toplists with this command. Only Operators
List Vote Rewards commands /votesetting command list List all available commands that execute when a player votes Only Operators
Add command after vote /votesetting command add command Adds a command that executes when players vote for your server Only Operators
Delete command after vote /votesetting command delete commandID Deletes a command Only Operators


Great for larger servers to enforce players to vote for your server and get more players! Use the add command to add rewards in combination with Player Kits for example!

Have a question about the plug-in Vote Rewards? Ask it on the forums here!

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